On Saturday, Feb. 22, Paradox Sports attended the 2014 American Boulder Series (ABS) National Championships at CityRock climbing gym in Colorado Springs, CO. Adaptive athletes from across the nation came together to compete in the Citizens’ Competition.

The Citizens’ Competition allowed everyone three hours to climb their five hardest climbs. Points were assigned based on the technical difficulty of the route, so the harder the climb, the more points it was worth. There was no limit on how many routes each person could climb as long as they finished within the allotted three hours.

“Everyone was there to climb as hard as they could. It made me ready to train harder and take it more seriously,” said Maureen Beck, who placed third in the Upper Extremities Division. Beck had to compete in the same category as the male upper extremity amputees since she was the only female in her division.

“I hope we can get more female upper limbs so I don’t have to compete with the boys all the time,” she said.

Beck will go on to compete in the Vail GoPro Games this summer and hopes to qualify for the Paraclimbing World Championship this September in Spain.

All and all, it was an amazing weekend for the entire adaptive climbing community.

“We are medal-blind as hope, strength, courage and joy are transparent. Everyone involved stands, sits and celebrates together,” said Timmy O’Neill, executive director of Paradox Sports.

Para Leg Amputee Results:
1. Ronnie Dickson
2. Cody Ramos
3. Tommy Lyon
4. James Moreno
5. Cody Elliott

Para Arm Amputee Results:
1. Ryan Snyder
2. Jon Sedor
3. Maureen Beck

Para Neuro/Leg Results:
1. Wendy Ong
2. Frances Brown
3. Bonnie Denis
4. Emily Esca

Para Neuro Results:
1. Adam Payne
2. Carlos Romero

Para Visual Impairment Results:
1. John McKay


Ronnie Dickson


Jon Sedor of Brooklyn, NY. Sedor placed first for the upper extremities division at the 2013 Paraclimbing Cup in London.


Maureen Beck


The entire paraclimbing crew!


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