Paradox Sports is dedicated to improving lives through adaptive climbing opportunities that defy convention. Our goal is to help make every climbing gym, facility and program accessible.

Hosting an Adaptive Climbing Initiative course is the best way to make your climbing programs accessible to people of all abilities.  Paradox Sports has brought these courses to commercial gyms, universities, and recreation centers across the US and Canada.  Hosting a course is easy, and provides climbing facility managers with a solid foundation for building an adaptive climbing program.

“I believe the introduction to concepts/content and hands on experience you provided was a great stepping stone for our students to understand HOW to make experiences inclusive. They already believed in the importance of inclusion, but the clinic allowed them to see how they could influence inclusion within the profession. The fact that they found the information and techniques less than mysterious is fantastic—it empowers each of them to grab hold of the ideas and techniques and implement them wherever they are working.”
– Training Host, 2016

What: A one to two-day adaptive climbing facilitation course at your facility led by AMGA certified Paradox Sports trainers.  Courses may include a community climbing component.   All course packages can be customized to meet your program’s individual needs.

Course Agenda      Package Options and Costs

Who: Climbing facility managers, staff, and interested community members are all eligible to attend.  At a minimum, course participants must be familiar with basic toprope belaying and climbing systems.  Courses are generally capped at 12 participants, though larger or smaller courses are possible.  Paradox Sports courses do not exceed a 6:1 participant to instructor ratio.

After the Course: Organizations that host Adaptive Climbing Initiative courses have many options for moving forward after their course is complete.  Some managers choose to start adaptive climbing clubs or competition teams.  Others simply want to provide quality climbing experiences for everyone who might come through their door.  Whatever your goals may be, Paradox Sports will be there to support your program before, during, and after your course.

When: We are booked up for spring and early summer 2017!  We may have select openings late summer through fall 2017.  We are currently booking courses for 2018.  

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