The Adaptive Climbing Initiative is made possible through collaboration of outdoor industry partners, professional guides and adaptive athletes.


The North Face brand was built by climbers; it’s part of its DNA. And the brand believes climbing shouldn’t be limited by physical ability.

Many people’s first exposure to the sport of climbing is through a climbing gym. After that first indoor climb, adaptive climbing can take people to many outdoor places. Since the beginning of Paradox Sports, the North Face has strived to ensure that the sport is accessible to all.

In 2017 and beyond, The North Face will sponsor Paradox Sports and its first of its kind movement to make climbing gyms across the US accessible to people with disabilities. As climbing has recently grown in popularity throughout the United States, the sport is still not widely available to athletes with disabilities. The North Face sponsorship helps provide adaptive climbing trainings in climbing gyms across the U.S. with a focus in San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, New York and Chicago.

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Petzl Technical Institute

Paradox Sports works closely with The Petzl Technical Institute – which conducts research in the vertical world and finds advanced solutions for climbing systems and gear – to ensure our adaptive tools and equipment are the gold standard.

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Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Provides financial support and scholarships to climbing facilities that  are in need of financial assistance or are located in rural communities. The foundation also helps Paradox Sports provide adaptive climbing courses that support athletes with spinal cord injuries.

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Adaptive Adventures

The nonprofit organization identifies, promotes and provides progressive recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and their families. Paradox Sports and Adaptive Adventures have successfully worked together for years to launch adaptive climbing clubs at gyms across the United States – resulting in thousands of adaptive climbing experiences. Learn more about our Front Range Adaptive Climbing Club (FRACC) here!