Interested in learning more about the Paradox Sports Approach?


“Approach (n.) – In climbing, the path or route to the start of the technical pitch. Although this is generally a walk or, at most, a scramble it is occasionally as hazardous as the climb itself.”


Sometimes the hardest part is making the approach, getting started, overcoming doubts and fears. The Paradox approach to adaptive adventures is unique. We empower our participants to push their limits and be self-sufficient climbers.

We want to empower our community to push their limits as well. Every community member should experience the approach that our participants must get through to gain the skills and confidence to integrate into the climbing community.

Join us for 1-hour hikes, runs, and walking tours to discover the places where participants tie their first figure-8 and embark on their climbing journey. Learn about the issue of accessibility for various physical disabilities in our parks and open spaces, that Paradox seeks to change. Come experience the Paradox Approach to get involved and find out ways we can work together to fulfill our mission to revolutionize lives through adaptive climbing opportunities that defy convention.

Each tour will meet at the Paradox Sports office. Dress comfortably with weather in mind and bring water if desired.

For questions or to sign up, please contact