Paradox Ice has gained tremendous popularity over the past eight years. This year, some of our participants needed a little extra help getting there, so they took it upon themselves to start a Crowdrise campaign. Click on a team name below to learn more about their story and how you can help support their journey. Or simply visit

The Teams:

Gonzalo Duran (NYC Veterans)
“I am raising funds to help veterans in all categories in the NYC area to attend Paradox Ice.”

Nate McKenzie (CT Adaptive)
“Paradox Ice is absolutely one of the highlights of our year. Our goal is to raise enough funds to provide a full scholarship for at least two participants who cannot afford to attend this years Paradox Ice – North Conway event.
We hope to obtain lots and lots of small contributions that add up to a huge benefit for disabled athletes in our area. Give small, give often, give what you can afford. Anonymous contributions accepted. Thank You!”

Leland (Bubs) Williamson
To be honest, I thought hearing someone else’s perspective is the way to go; this is Dora a co-worker of mine.

‘What does Lee mean to me? I think the better question to ask is what does Lee mean to our community, our society and our world as a whole. Men like Lee don’t come along very often and there is few and far in between just like him. If I had some sort of cloning device he would be one of the first human beings I would consider cloning because he is that essential to our very being. What makes him this unique? I think I could write a whole book on how and why but what you need to know is the charisma that he carries and what he does to you when you meet him. He can touch people in a way I have never seen before, touches them in a way that makes them be a better person. You just can’t be sad around Lee, he will always great you with a smile. He will not let you feel bad about your abilities and what you can and cannot do, he makes you see that you can do anything you want to as long as you have a passion for it and set your mind out to do so. He makes you aware that it is all a choice; everyday we have a choice to decide what kind of day we are going to have and more generally what kind of life we want to lead. As a society we have created these stereotypes and stigmas about people in wheelchairs and may think we know what these people will be like; what their abilities are and what they can and cannot do. But you see, if you were to meet Lee you would see that whatever preconception you may have had engraved in your mind he would shatter all of that and be the complete opposite. Lee is a warrior. Lee is strong. Lee is confident. Lee is caring and he is one of the most selfless people I have ever met in my entire life. He considers everyone before himself. It is the small things that he does, like buying you a cupcake on your birthday and having everyone at work come sing to you or tell you a joke when you are having a bad day but what maybe small gestures for Lee mean the world to other people. He will never know how influential he has been in my life or how influential he has been to this community but I want everyone else to know how special this man has been in my life and everyone else who has gotten the opportunity to work and meet him. He never fails to remind me that I am worth something, that I am beautiful and have every potential to be incredibly successful in life. He has this ability to light this fire in the pit of your stomach that makes you just want to live and make you strive for things you didn’t thing you could ever do. Things I didn’t think Lee could do were rock climb, skydive, play basketball and especially climb as ice mountain but he has proved me absolutely wrong. He single handedly is changing the stigma that society has over people who are born with different abilities. You see, if I were to close my eyes and interact with Lee, I would never be able to tell that he is in a wheelchair because that is not what defines him and that is not all he is by any means. And he is much more than our average Joe because he is a mentor, a friend, a role model and an overall badass because there is no other way to describe him. He is simply awesome because of the way he carries his heart on his sleeve, because of how emotional he is and because of how genuine his soul is. The world better be ready for the great things this man has yet to accomplish and for the difference he will continue to make until his last breath. I am deeply honored and extraordinarily proud to be able to call this man my friend.’

Thank you Dora,. you brought me to tears… ur the Best..

My words: As a wheelchair athlete I found myself competing in sports that kept me in my chair, I wanted to try something new and different, something that got me out of my chair, using my strengths in a different way, I found it in climbing.
As a youth sports coordinator, I thought climbing could be a huge hit, not only for the able body world, yet for people with disabilities, individuals that have physical disabilities & cognitive disabilities, climbing could reveal another form or therapy, has for me!
Climbing/ hiking is a way of serenity, and focus at the same time.
After working with a variety of individuals with different disabilities, I am trying this new adventure, not only for myself, yet more important giving others encouragement and opportunity to try something new, while invigorating ones spontaneity and spirit.
Life is about climbing over obstacles; with the right people and support we all can go to the top.
Please support me as I embark on this new adventure of climbing, helping a path that is being built for others to

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fallow. Thank you for your support, Leland (Bubs) Williamson”

Jas White
“Hi yall, so let me start by saying thank you to anyone who is here reading this, if it wasn’t for the help and kindness of good people I would not be here typing these words.
My name is Jas White and I am 28 years old. I am a paraplegic due to a gunshot wound and am trying to raise some funds to go on an ice climbing trip.
Here is my story: about 2 years ago on Nov 27th 2011 I was in Nebraska visiting my family for thanksgiving, a small town where i grew up til i was 20 and then moved to colorado. while in NE I was invited out to a friends house who I’ve known since high school. So I went out to his house out in the countryside and when I got there I saw my friend and another guy I sorta knew there, and they were outside shooting guns at a target. I am not a gun person so I decided to pass on the target shooting and went inside to play my guitar. A little bit later they came inside and I was sitting in a chair playing guitar and they were looking at their guns and I was not looking at the time but somehow the other guy ended up firing the 9mm handgun almost point blank at my chest and the bullet went through my guitar and then my chest and through my lung, liver, diaphragm, intestines, and exited on my spine around T10 causing a catastrophic injury to my spinal cord and completely paralyzed my body from about the bottom of my ribs down. I laid on the floor and thought I was going to die because I was suffocating on my own blood and luckily the paramedics arrived really fast and jammed a tube into my chest to drain the blood in my right lung, then they transported me to the nearest hospital which was a small hospital in scottsbluff NE, after 10 days there and doctors telling me nothing hopeful about recovering, I was transferred to swedish hospital in denver, and then 2 weeks later to craig hospital, a prestigious spine and brain trauma hospital where I spent the next 3 months doing rehabilitation. after 6 weeks there I kept coughing up a terrible tasting fluid, which caused me to have pneumonia twice. they finally realized it was bile from my liver that was leaking into my lung causing severe lung damage and infection due to the acidic and toxic nature of bile. I ended up in surgery and had to have half of my right lung removed due to damage and after the surgery I spent another fun week in ICU with extreme pain and 5 chest tubes sticking out of my right side and draining into a receptacle.
Now a little over 2 years later I am still in recovery mode mentally and physically but getting better and stronger and finding new things to do with my life that I never thought I’d be able to accomplish. I was introduced to tim oneill and his paradox sports group last fall and gave adaptive climbing a try, I loved it, I thought this would be a great sport to get me back up in the mountains and to new beautiful places to test my will power and appreciate the earth’s grandeur and beauty from new and higher perspectives.
I am doing this fundraiser to get help from you the people with big hearts that can help me get to go on one of those excursions to test my abilities and enjoy some great outdoors like anybody else. The trip is an Ice climbing expedition in ouray colorado on march 1st and it would be a great joy and thrill for me to get to go. I am asking for your help so I don’t have to miss out on this opportunity to do something unforgettable because as of now I am a little financially disabled as well. So Thank you for giving me your attention and reading my story. through all of this trauma and pain from a person, I have also got to see the good that does exist in people that want to help and encourage the less unfortunate to still achieve their goals!