Last week, Timmy, Pete and Sarah set out to Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer Winter Market – and they CRUSHED! Between our semi-annual happy hour with Native Eyewear, the All-Star Industry Jam and the support of individual donors, we raised over $4k and signed-up 40 new Paradox Sports members, including a couple people who joined for LIFE!

The man of the hour, Executive Director Timmy O’Neill, won the Outdoor Inspiration Award!

“Co-founder of Paradox Sports, Timmy O’Neill is changing the lives of adaptive athletes and war-ravaged veterans with opportunities like climbing the Grand Teton, paddling the Colorado River or scaling El Capitan. In the last year, O’Neill has ferried Paradox to new heights, with record participation and fundraising. He studied to be an ophthalmic tech in Katmandu and travels every year to Africa to help a team of doctors restore sight to the blind. A professional climber and kayaker, Timmy has turned his passion for the outdoors into avenues for elevating others and championing the downtrodden.

“Timmy changes people’s trajectories, said Jason Blevins of the Denver Post. “He shows them a better way, using laughter, rocks, rivers and mountains as his tools.”

“The class of 2014 Outdoor Inspiration Award winners truly have a love for exploring the outdoors and use their passion to impact and change people’s lives,” said Kenji Haroutunian, Emerald Expo Outdoor group vice president and OR show director. “We are pleased to celebrate each winner’s accomplishments. Their work and achievement represents outstanding examples of the tenacity it takes to set and accomplish goals and celebrates their noble mission to share their passion with others.”
Nominations, submitted through the OR and OIA websites, were selected based on inspiration criteria for individuals and groups – impact, creativity, service, technology, philanthropy, engagement, longevity, sustainability, activities, and awareness.” – Read the full press release here.

Paradox Sports is looking forward to another year of fostering our relationships with our partners so we can continue to change lives and expand our programming across the globe! Check out our full photo album from OR on Facebook.


Paradox and the Native Eyewear crew raised $1,112 at our semi-annual happy hour!


#findingwinter with Byron from Mountain Hardwear


Outdoor Research has been a long time supporter of Paradox – we love you guys!


The Paradox and Petzl crew!