Before Heike Noller was injured in a rappelling accident in November 2013, she was a ski instructor, EMT and caregiver. As a result of her accident, she fractured her pelvis, T-11 spinal cord and had her left leg amputated below the knee. Due to insurance complications, she is not able to be fitted for a prosthetic leg for at least another two months. Being in a stable enviroment is crucial at this stage so her leg can heal in order for a prostethic to be fitted which will allow her the freedom to come back and return to her job, and life, as a whole person. The process of healing is hard enough with no complications, even for a person like Heike, who is strong, smart, and determined, it is a long road and one that takes months, or years, to travel.

On Feb. 7th Heike will fortunately have a 7-10 day stay at the Health South Rehabilitation in Denver. She will then move into a Denver area house that You and Paradox Sports are working diligently to help her find. Thanks to super volunteer Michael H for assisting in helping Heike find her longer term spot to call home. At Paradox Sports we believe in creating personal well being through communal stewardship and acknowledge that we make our living through our work and our lives through our giving. Thanks for your courage to place your donation where your heart is – in helping Heike heal.

To donate or find out more about Heike, please visit her fundraising page at Help Heiki Heal. If you have any leads on housing or groups that assist people in Heike’s situation, please email tim@paradoxsports.org.