We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and leading countless wonderful athletes over the years – people who inspire us to continue working hard on creating adaptive sports communities. A few of those athletes have recently placed at Paraclimbing Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia! They are working on finding a way to make it to Paraclimbing Worlds in Spain as part of the USA team, and can use all the help they can get. Who are these amazing people? Meet three of them: Maureen, Wendy, and Craig.



Wendy Ong:

“In October 2010 I was dropped and fell 140 ft, smashing to the ground in a climbing accident. The result was a T-10 incomplete Spinal Cord Injury, shattered pelvis, sacrum, exploded L-vertebrae, a paralyzed left-leg and a lifetime of chronic pain and bowel/bladder impairment issues. My surgeries and rehabilitation were a physically and emotionally painful process, and something I do not think I would have gotten through without the support of my friends and family.  My highest priority was getting out of the wheelchair and learning to lead an independent life again.

But a few years later, I decided I needed to climb again. I threw myself against ice and rock before entering a climbing gym, overcoming my fears of falling again. I’m back leading outside on trad, climbing 5.11/5.12’s without the use of my left leg, and generally, climbing as well, if not harder, than most able-bodied folks because I have worked hard to develop a very strong core, upper-body, hand and finger strength.”

Donate to Wendy’s journey to Worlds at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2014-paraclimbing-world-championships/x/8260406

Maureen Beck:

“I was born without my left hand, but I never let that stop me. I often would try harder at things that would seem impossible for someone with one hand – not with the intention of being ‘inspirational’, but more because I was a punk kid who didn’t like hearing ‘you can’t do that’. 

I have been rock climbing since the age of 12. Recently I finished third at American Bouldering Series Nationals – Adaptive (against the boys!) and took first place at the US Paranationals in Atlanta, GA! That earned me a spot on the US Team to go to Spain in September to compete for my country and a world championship! I could be the first American female upper limb world champ!”

Donate to Maureen’s journey to Worlds at http://www.gofundme.com/c12ffw

Craig Demartino:

I’ve been a climber for 23 years and after being severely injured in a climbing accident in 2002, which resulted in the loss of my right leg and a fused back and neck, I returned to climbing to reclaim the life I loved. I started to comp climb and loved the group of people who came out and competed not just for the win, but to share ideas and a love of paraclimbing. I have been very fortunate to be successful in this type of climbing and this year at Paraclimbing Nationals, won the Gold Medal. This win qualifies me to head to Gijon, Spain in September to compete for Team USA at the Paraclimbing World Championships. I’m excited to return to this event and not just compete, but spread the vibe of paraclimbing on the world stage.”

Donate to Craig’s journey to Worlds by sending a donation to Paradox Sports directly at 1911 11 St. Suite 201, Boulder, CO 80302.