From our inception in 2007, and again from 2012 through 2014, Timmy O’Neill has been a major driving force of Paradox Sports and our mission to create adaptive sports communities. He has led the organization with not only his energy and dynamism, but with his vision and authentic passion for the work we do.

Paradox Sports came into my consciousness in 2013, while at the BOEC in Breckenridge no doubt through the tireless promotion and hard work of Timmy in realizing his vision of a highly effective and impactful national organization. I was immediately struck by the significant role Paradox was playing in pushing adaptive outdoor sports forward. As I stepped into the role as Executive Director last year, I largely have Timmy to thank for enhancing the reputation, the depth of programming, and the community which has allowed Paradox Sports to thrive.

In August of last year, Timmy moved from the Executive Director role to Chairmanship of the Board of Directors, facilitating our transition in leadership. In 2015, he remains on the Board of Directors as our greatest cheerleader and as a powerful visionary and guide in charting our future.

A few of Timmy’s major accomplishments as Executive Director:

  • Significantly increasing the number of participants we serve and the breadth, quality, and quantity of our programming,
  • Conceptualizing the first ever Adaptive Climbing Handbook, an bringing together the foremost experts in the field to help write, edit and publish this ground breaking work,
  • Securing major partnerships with adaptive and outdoor industry leaders, foundations, and major corporations,
  • Growing our community of volunteers, members, supporters and others who make it all possible,
  • Significantly increasing the visibility of adaptive sports and Paradox Sports,
  • And together with his brother Sean and others, playing an important leadership role in changing what people believe is possible for someone with a disability and the “demystification of disability”.

Like co-founders DJ Skelton and Malcolm Daly, and other important members of the organization, Timmy lives and breathes the mission of Paradox Sports and remains a close advisor an important voice of strategy and governance as we plan our path forward.

All of us at Paradox Sports owe Timmy O’Neill a debt of gratitude for his tireless efforts and service to the organization. Thank you, Timmy for your years of dedicated service, and for handing over a better and stronger organization than when you began your journey with Paradox.

Doug Sandok