Aika is a native of Japan and currently resides in Indianapolis, IN.  She loves outdoor activities and promotes health/wellness as a physical therapist.  She has been rock climbing at Red River Gorge, KY for over 10 years.  In summer of 2013, Aika fell on her head while practicing acrobatic yoga, which resulted in incomplete spinal cord injury at C6 with quadriparesis (weakness affecting all four limbs).  She has used her love of climbing to re-connect with her body to find her new “normal self”.  She has surrounded herself with like-minded people at Paradox Sports during her recovery to remind herself that she does not have to give up on her passion despite her limitations.  Aika now has started Indiana’s first official adaptive climbing group to share her love of climbing with ALL people. She is also the 2016 Japanese Paraclimbing Champion and continues to push herself to higher level as an adaptive athlete.

You can watch this short video about Aika and Paradox here!

“Every unexpected change is an opportunity for something wonderful” ~unknown