Jessica had a rough start in life. When she was only four months old, she was dropped of at an orphanage in South Korea due to a tumor in her leg, leading its amputation. Sporte had a new beginning when she was adopted by a family in Michigan.  Growing up with 8 siblings taught Jessica that, although one could make up many excuses for not doing something, having one leg was not a good enough excuse to get out of chores. And if she could do chores, she could also play sports.

Jessica traveled the U.S. competing in wheelchair tennis, earning a career high of 2nd in the nation and 59th in the world. She also participated in wheelchair basketball, sled hockey, and downhill skiing. In 2012, long ski runs enticed her to move to Colorado. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that she participated in a Front Range Adaptive Climbing Club night and was introduced to Paradox Sports.  Since that night, Jessica has missed few club nights and instead competed at two paraclimbing Nationals and, this past year, a World Championship.

Besides sports, Jessica also enjoys reading, DIY projects and crafts such as knitting, card making, and origami.