Maury is an Oklahoma native who quickly discovered the outdoors at a young age as an escape and mechanism for self development. The local Wichita Mountains wilderness area served as his venue for hiking and backpacking and soon matured into a life long fixation with climbing. He guided rock climbing outings in college and has summited peaks from Canada to Patagonia, Switzerland, and more. He loves sharing his passion with others and seeing the transformative power that a mother nature fueled pursuit can have in someone’s life.

After a ‘brief three year exile’ on the east coast to earn his law degree from Georgetown University, Maury made his home in Boulder, Colorado, where he runs a law practice focused on business, entrepreneurship, and non-profit development. He thrives on advising businesses and organizations and guiding their growth with reasoned thought, advice, and sometimes a touch of devil’s advocacy. In 2012 he co-founded and continues to serve as the Executive Director of the Honnold Foundation, which supports projects from the perspective of “improving lives through sustainability.”