A self-coined lightweight investment backpacker, Trinity blends her passion for lightweight backpacking with a decade of investment banking. She began her investment banking career structuring capital project financings for education and nonprofit institutions. In 2011, she took a leave of absence to get out of the office and into the mountains through an eleven-month hike with two friends up the spine of South America. They were quickly dubbed the “Tres Chicas Locas” (three crazy girls) by locals learning of their rugged Andean hiking endeavor and astounded by their slim backpacks. Now in Boulder, CO, Trinity splits her professional time between strategic consulting (TJL Consulting LLC) and investment banking (Sage Canyon Advisors), specializing in venture capital and M&A for emerging technology companies in the government contracting sector. On fortunate occasions, she has combined her professional sphere and her love of hiking through guiding treks for technology industry stakeholders – including trips to Everest Base Camp, Patagonia, and New Zealand.