Paradox Sports exists to create adaptive sports communities, and that means we rely on volunteers, participants, family members, staff, guides, board members, companies, and more to fulfill our mission. We have dozens of super volunteers –  people who go above and beyond to help us put on successful programs. One of those is Chad Volk, a Front Range Adaptive Climbing Club volunteer who learned about us in May but has already become a strong part of the Front Range Adaptive Climbing Club family and has even taken Paradox Sports and Adaptive Adventures groups outside on his own time. Chad, a patent attorney who has been in Boulder for three years, spends his free time climbing (naturally), trail running, snowboarding, and reading books. We talked with Chad about what the Paradox community means to him.

VolkcollageHow did you hear about Paradox?

I think I first heard about Paradox Sports on a Facebook post via one of my friends.  One of the things I like about living in Boulder is there are lots of great organizations like Paradox to be a part of in town. The first Paradox Sports event I came to was the MAYhem fundraiser held at Movement Climbing and Fitness in May of this year.

Why were you interested in the organization?

For starters, the programs that Paradox offers happen to be exactly what I like to do with my free time so we’re a great fit for each other. Additionally, and more importantly, I’ve always enjoyed helping people get outside to enjoy activities like rock climbing, hiking, etc. so when I discovered Paradox I discovered a whole new group of people who wanted to get outdoors and have some fun.

Why do you come back?

I realized that Paradox Sports wouldn’t exist without its volunteers.  Just this summer alone I’ve seen their programs grow in size both in number of events and number of participants, which is great but it means more volunteers are needed to help make it all run smoothly.

Personally, I believe the outdoors are for everyone and Paradox Sports makes the outdoors accessible to a group of people who might not be able to get outside and enjoy all the amazing activities there are to enjoy.  Simply being outside in the mountains and on the rocks has helped me to heal from injuries, physical as well as mental, and I want to give that same opportunity to others who could benefit from it.

Finally, I keep coming back because the Paradox Sports events are lots of fun.  Everyone is happy to be there and it makes the experience very rewarding.

What do you think makes Paradox Sports different than other adaptive organizations?

I think Paradox is unique in the type of events they offer – climbing in the Gunks, climbing in the Red River Gorge, climbing in Yosemite, climbing in the Tetons, ice climbing in Ouray.  These are awesome places to climb and hike.  It’s fantastic that Paradox offers the opportunity for people with physical disabilities to visit and recreate in such iconic climbing destinations.  It’s truly something special.

It seems like every event I go to I meet great new people.  I’ve made many new friends since starting to volunteer with Paradox.  We hang out outside of official Paradox Sports events and it’s lots of fun.

If you want to volunteer for Paradox Sports or get involved in the Front Range Adaptive climbing club in partnership with Adaptive Adventures, please email