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We are proud to have Eldorado Climbing Walls as our title AAF sponsor and TruBlue as our supporting sponsor!


The Adaptive Adventure Fund (AAF) was created by Paradox Sports to support the climbing dreams of our adaptive community, to support those who are challenging the perception of what is possible with a disability, and want to push their vertical limits. As an organization that focuses on serving an underrepresented group, we strongly encourage applications from people of color and other underrepresented communities. The Paradox Sports mission is to transform lives and communities through adaptive climbing opportunities that defy convention, and starting in 2020 we are taking that one step further. The Adaptive Adventure Fund supports individuals with disabilities who have an adventurous spirit, a passion for perseverance, and who take the initiative to set ambitious climbing goals.


The AAF grants are awarded based on merit, demonstrated through the application process. We want to see a depth of experience in the individuals. Once you have articulated merit, tell us in detail about the objective. What do you dream to do? Why is this important? What will you gain? Amounts distributed are also dependent on proposed budget and annual budget availability.  Preference will be given to individuals who have previously participated in a Paradox Sports program. The grant range is between $150 to $750.  Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis. Grant awards dependent on annual allocation budget.
  • The Adaptive Adventure Fund is funded in part by Craig and Cynthia Smith.


Paradox Sports strives to serve all individuals regardless of ability. This grant is open to all abilities and experience levels. We encourage all applicants to submit a complete application, with a focus on the following components:
  • Must demonstrate a challenge and skills progression for the grant applicant. Your individual experience level should be appropriate for the proposed objective. Once you have articulated the merit, tell us in detail about the objective. 
  • The AAF grant is open to all ability levels and all climbing disciplines – mountaineering, alpine climbing, sport climbing, trad climbing. If your adventure falls outside of the climbing disciplines, please contact us to discuss.
  • AAF grants are awarded to individuals only. If you are attempting a project as part of a team, your teammates may apply separately
  • Applications are accepted for projects that occur within one year of the application date.
  • Projects involving climbers who are supported financially by corporate sponsors will not be considered. Proposals from “amateur” climbers who have received in-kind corporate support (e.g., gear) will be considered, but support levels must be disclosed.
  • Applicants must be US citizens or green card holders to apply. US Social Security Numbers are required for tax purposes.


Accepted applicants are committing to providing the following for Paradox Sports:
  • Recipients will act as Paradox Sports representative to the wider climbing community, land managers, public and are expected to embody the mission of Paradox Sports. Recipients should do their best to practice environmentally low impact and leave no trace ethics.
  • If for any reason the project is canceled or significantly changed, funds given must be returned to Paradox Sports in full within one week. Please contact Dave Elmore if your proposal changes.
  • Funds must be used within one year of the approved grant application. Funds do not carry over to alternative projects, individuals will need to re-apply.
  • Recipients agree to tag Paradox Sports and the #AdaptiveAdventureFund on all social media posts about the project, and include Paradox Sports and the AAF as sponsors when speaking about the project publicly.  Paradox Sports may ask you to present at one local event.
  • All grant recipients are required to submit a trip report to Paradox Sports within 60 days of returning. 
  • Recipients are required to provide 5-10 photos submitted with the trip report, with explicit permission for Paradox Sports to use in social media, marketing, website publications or reproduced in any manner desired for marketing or promotional purposes.


The application must be submitted no later than 90 days prior to expedition departure. Please submit applications via the link here. Recipients will be announced on a rolling basis. Before applying, please carefully read the Terms and Expectations of the Adaptive Adventure Fund grant recipients outlined above.

Questions? Please contact us at or by phone 720-638-5593