As a nonprofit organization, our generous donors subsidize all of our programs. We strive to make our programs financially accessible for all, while maintaining financial sustainability of Paradox Sports. Each of our program registration fees are priced well below the actual cost of providing these top-notch experiences. We recognize that for some individuals, even these subsidized fees may present a financial challenge, and we are ready to work with those people to help make Paradox Sports programming a possibility.
The funds we have available for additional financial assistance varies over time and is not guaranteed. Funds for additional financial assistance are limited and are disbursed based on financial need only.
The majority of our scholarships awarded are in the form of discounted program fees. In certain circumstances, we award limited travel stipends on a case by case basis.
*Generally speaking, we will award individuals trip scholarship funds once per year.
Trip Scholarship Application

Questions? Please contact us at or by phone 720-638-5593