A 5,280 vertical foot climbing challenge to help raise money and awareness for Paradox Sports and our adaptive climbing programs.

Participants sign up at a participating gym and have a month to climb a vertical mile!

Paradox Mile Stats

Climbing gyms and universities all over the country have rallied in support of our mission! Your support will help us deliver on our mission of transforming lives and communities through adaptive climbing opportunities that defy convention. Help us make climbing more accessible to more people, increase awareness, and build communities.

3,400+ Supporters

3,453,120 Feet Climbed

654 Climbers

$204,671 Raised

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Host a Paradox Mile challenge at your gym!

COVID-19 Update: If your facility is interested in hosting a Paradox Mile, we do not suggest/require that a kick-off party be held. Please contact us for more information on how to safely host a Paradox Mile.

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Completed Paradox Mile Challenges

Rock Climb Fairfield 2021

November | Fairfield, CT
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The Climb 2021

Bentonville, Murfreesboro + Nashville
$21,736 Raised Combined
Climb Mile at Nashville

Rock Climb Fairfield 2020

October | Fairfield, CT
$7,057 Raised

2020 Paradox Mile Resolution

January | Anywhere, USA
$8,462 Raised

Climb Tulsa 2019

December | Tulsa, OK
$7,382 Raised

Rock Climb Fairfield 2019

September | Fairfield, CT
$8,964 Raised

Climb Bentonville

September | Bentonville, AR
$4,219 Raised

Rock Spot – Peace Dale

September | South Kingstown, RI
$2,283 Raised

Planet Granite 2019

June | Sunnyvale, CA
$2,575 Raised

Planet Granite 2019

June | Belmont, CA
$2,705 Raised

Salt Pump 2019

March | Scarborough, ME
$7,119 Raised

Planet Granite 2019

February | Portland, OR
$3,809 Raised

2019 Paradox Mile Resolution

January | Anywhere, USA
$19,114 Raised

First Ascent 2018

November | Chicago, IL
$6,341 Raised

UpTown Climbing 2018

Aug/Sept | Baton Rouge, LA
$9,026 Raised

Diablo Rock Gym 2018

July/Aug | Concord, CA
$4,752 Raised

Rock Climb Fairfield 2018

July | Fairfield, CT
$14,777 Raised

Prime Climb 2018

June | Wallingford, CT
$8,432 Raised

Rock Climb Fairfield 2017

June | Fairfield, CT
$21,168 Raised