Alex Kosseff Headshot

Alex Kosseff

Interim Executive Director

Becky (Development and Communications Manager) headshot

Becky Lindstrom

Development & Communications Manager

Sam Sala

National Program Manager

Brittany (Operations and Marketing Manager) headshot

Brittany Delfin

Operations & Program Manager


Nate Mckenzie Board Member and Program Lead

Nate McKenzie – Lead Instructor

Gary Dunn Program Lead

Gary Dunn – Lead Instructor

Andy Hershey – Lead Instructor

Parker (ACI instructor) headshot

Parker Schiffer

Ryan Shipp

Tanner Jones on top of Volcan Cotopaxi. He has a big smile and his arms outstretched in the air. He is wearing a bright purple and blue coat with a grey helmet on.

Tanner Jones

Natasha is taking a selfie while on a climbing route. She is climbing on a blue rope and wearing a white helmet and blue long sleeve shirt. Below her and in the background are bright green trees.

Natasha Roseboom


Carlos Quiles

Nat Vorel

Lindsay Purcell

Tanner Cislaw

Gavin Nix

Carlie Cook


Jess Sporte Program Lead and Ambassador

Jess Schmidt

Dan Boozan Ambassador

Dan Boozan

Aika Yoshida Ambassador

Aika Yoshida

Enock Glidden Ambassador

Enock Glidden

Phoenix Mehta

Adam Payne

Carlos Quiles

Trevor Hahn Bio Pic

Trevor Hahn

Erich Meinig up close photo climbing at Shelf Road

Erich Meinig

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