COVID-19 Volunteer and Participant Guide

Paradox Sports is dedicated to the health and safety of our participants, volunteers, and staff. As we continue to navigate the current health crisis, we are committed to adhering to any and all state, federal, or local regulations put in place to protect the community. We have developed a comprehensive Health and Safety Plan to guide our return to programming. Although we are implementing multiple strategies to ensure we deliver programs as safely as possible, all potential volunteers and participants should understand that there is still risk associated with Paradox Sports program participation. If you are interested in joining a program, please read through the steps below for further clarity.
Below are the steps required before program participation:

Step One

Thoroughly read our COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan to understand the risk associated with program participation. Please review all policies and procedures carefully.

Step Two

Register for your favorite Paradox Sports program – National Trips, Local Programs, ACI Course, or Custom Programs.

Step Three

Complete our COVID-19 Waiver and Assumption of Risk and Media Release forms.

Step Four

Complete a COVID-19 health screening with Paradox Sports staff prior to the programs start date.

Step Five

Climb with intention, compassion and precaution!

All staff, volunteers and participants will be required to adhere to all policies and procedures at all times while on a Paradox Sports program. Failure to adhere will result in dismissal from program.

For local programs questions:

For national programs questions: