Outdoor climbing trips offer a unique adaptive climbing opportunity for people who want to push their limits! Paradox Sports has over 16 years of experience delivering climbing trips to iconic locations with a wide range of abilities.

Our programs are run by our passionate staff of climbing guides and Paradox Sports staff. Each of our staff members and guides are trained in AMGA best practice and wilderness medicine. Our community is eager to help you become a competent and confident climber. Paradox Sports focuses on helping you improve technical climbing skills in a safe environment. Our ratio is low so we can ensure that you get professional instruction and the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry! Trips vary in accessibility, length, and location – but all trips offer multiple days of climbing, connecting with others, and improving your climbing ability. Join us to take your skills to the next level!

Types of Trips


Each year we travel to the most iconic climbing destinations across the country to provide accessible rock climbing opportunities for people with disabilities. Climbers and volunteers travel from all over to climb on the granite walls in Yosemite to the lime stone crags of Red River Gorge. Some trips require camping, while others are run out of cabins or other lodging.
Climber Ice Climbing on Ouray Trip


For more than a decade, Paradox Sports has run infamous adaptive ice climbing programs for all ability levels! Ice climbing can be intimidating, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and challenge yourself in a safe environment, with an fun and energetic community. For many, our ice climbing trips are the highlight of the year!
Climber at the top of the Tetons on the Grand Teton Trip


Mountaineering trips are typically longer, more physically demanding trips. Mountaineering can combine snow climbing, ice climbing, rock climbing, and glacier travel. Participants are required to carry a full backpack and spend several days in the backcountry. Although the goal is usually to reach an unforgettable summit, the real growth comes from the journey itself.


Northeast Ice Climbing
Shelf Road
Joshua Tree
Yosemite National Park Trip
Grant Teton
The Gunks



Level 3


We know that “accessible” is not a universal term, and what might be accessible to one person, might not be for another. This is our scale to give you a broad idea of the accessibility rating, but we provide much more detail in the accessibility paragraph on each trip page.
Group Size


Our rock climbing trips are all over the country and have included Yosemite National Park (CA), Red River Gorge (KY), Joshua Tree (CA), Shelf Road (CO), The Gunks (NY), and Eldorado Canyon (CO).
Ice Climbing


We typically run two ice climbing trips each year, and they sell out quickly! These trips have included Ouray Ice Park (CO), and Cathedral Ledge in North Conway (NH).


Some programs operate out of a lodge, hotel or cabins, while others require camping and sleeping in a tent. If you have a strong preference, please read the trip descriptions for more details.
Group Size


We have a minimum requirement of registrations to run any Paradox Sports trip. Some trips are larger than others based on where we are staying and other logistics. Group size can range from 10 people to 45+, but the ratio is always 2 adaptive climbers to 1 guide / staff / volunteer.



Hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had. I will do as many as I can until I can’t

Anonymous, North Conway 2020

There was a great mix of civilians to Veterans during this adventure. It is hard to trust those that haven’t served because we know those that have no matter the service will always be there for us no matter what. To be able to trust the volunteers the same way was a momentous leap of faith for myself as well as other Veterans. Through Paradox I’ve gained many more friendships that would have never come about if I was blessed enough to attend this adventure. I’ve told every Veteran I know or run across about how amazing my first Paradox experience was and I plan to have as many as you’ll will allow me to have in the future.

Jimmie B., Yosemite 2019

Every Paradox trip I go on, I discover that I’m capable of a lot more than I think I am.

Cait P., North Conway 2020

I literally scaled a mountain that I’d thought was impossible. I developed self confidence in my abilities and was able to get out of my comfort level. The level of inclusivity and acceptance of the program was heart warming.

Anonymous, Yosemite 2019

Well I’m sore and I have a few dents but it’s nice to know that I still can do such ridiculously excellent things!

Anonymous, Gunks 2019

While participants like myself have a physical disability, Paradox events lay the groundwork for us to live a lifestyle that is anything but “disabled.”

Adam S., Ouray 2019

Paradox is by far the best experience I have had with any program I have worked with or been a part of. The community is loving and caring and it makes you feel at home.

Anonymous, North Conway 2020

I have been volunteering at Paradox Ice and Paradox Rocks programs for the past 5 years, and I have had the opportunity to work with great participants and excellent guides. I live in Maryland, and the trek up to North Conway is longer than I would like, but the thing that brings me back year after year is the enthusiasm of everyone who chooses to make the effort to get out and climb with us. We see a lot of the same people, which is a testament to the passion that the guides and volunteers put into every program. I look forward to coming back again next year!

Eriq P., North Conway 2020

I was hoping participating in a Paradox ice climbing trip would help me overcome the fear of all things winter I’d developed since my accident, and it did not disappoint! It was truly inspiring to see so many people out there having fun and challenging themselves, and most of all it reminded me that instead of sitting inside and waiting for winter to be over, I had the option to put my boots on, and get out there and enjoy it.

Cait P., North Conway 2020

It pushed me very hard, but I loved every moment.

Esha M., Ouray 2019

The amount of positivity and stoke replenished my soul.

Parker S., Ouray 2019

The tenacity required to climb the ice dovetails well with the day to day living as a blind person. I can easily see the lessons learned climbing applying to new tasks of every day life.

George M., Ouray 2019