Paradox Sports is dedicated to transforming lives and communities through adaptive climbing opportunities that defy convention.


Our founders were climbers and believed in its transformational power. They also understood that we all ‘adapt’ in climbing due to the equipment required. It provides an opportunity to be present in  both mind and body, and often individuals discover that the only “disability” holding you back is peoples perception of what’s possible.


Paradox Sports offers accessible climbing opportunities for people with differing abilities, defying the perception that people with a ‘disability’ cannot lead a life of adventure. We provide outdoor rock and ice climbing trips, training and local programs. We are passionate about engaging and welcoming everyone who is interested in participating, and at our core, we believe in building community.

Making climbing accessible to all.

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As a proud supporter of the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, we seek to attract a skilled workforce that reflects the demographics of current and future outdoor enthusiasts.  Together, we are building a company and an industry where great ideas, born from a diversity of experiences, thrive. 


Your monthly support as an Adaptive Advocate is an investment in our future.

The Paradox Sports Adaptive Advocate community represents a passionate group people determined to help us fulfill our vision of accessible climbing opportunities for everyone. PEOPLE LIKE YOU, proving we can change perceptions.  The adrenaline of that first climb, trusting your belay, realizing you are stronger than you thought – all lead to transformational experiences.  Access to climbing is a vehicle for change.  FOR THE PRICE OF A DAY PASS to the climbing gym each month, you can help Paradox Sports reach hundreds of people.  BE PART OF THE CHANGE – and give someone else that experience of their first climb.

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