Children and Adults who have physical disabilities, are invited to climb during Threshold’s FREE Global Climbing Day community event at Threshold Climbing Gym.

Oklahoma City, OK (August 12, 2019)Threshold believes every physical disability (visible or invisible) should be welcome into the climbing community. That’s why we have partnered with Paradox Sports and the North Face Outlet of OKC to host a FREE adaptive climbing session on August 24, 2019 from 0900 a.m. – 1200 p.m. CST on Global Climbing Day! Please note: space is limited and registration Is required. Anyone who wants to participate can sign-up here:
Global Climbing Day is intentionally designed to encourage collaboration, improve self-esteem, and challenge societal and self-imposed limits. Adaptive climbers and Threshold’s certified Climbing Wall Instructors will participate in rock climbing together. Paradox Sports is traveling from Colorado to facilitate an Adaptive Climbing Initiative course for Threshold staff on August 23rd . Threshold staff members who are participating will be able to then work with those who have registered for the FREE adaptive climbing session alongside Course Instructors from Paradox Sports.
“Regardless of physical limitations, our community at large should be able to enjoy a top-notch rock-climbing experience just like anyone without physical limitations. We are dedicated to adapting our services and processes to meet the needs of our community as best we can,” said Threshold owner Sierra Tarkington.
“This is a very purpose-driven day for us,” said Threshold owner and general manager, John Tarkington. “People will learn to push their limits and try things they may have never done before. And, a hopeful outcome, is that our community and staff form bonds that will last a lifetime and create an environment where everyone feels welcome to come back.” Together, Threshold and Paradox Sports will help adaptive participants feel empowered to achieve a new fitness alternative which is quickly becoming a new mainstream sport which finds itself in the 2020 Olympics.
“The Adaptive Climbing Initiative is our signature program to train climbing gyms and other organizations to be able to accommodate and expand their own adaptive programming. Adaptive climbers at Global Climbing Day will be introduced to the sport by professionally trained staff and volunteers. This event will be the catalyst for growing adaptive climbing throughout Oklahoma and the Midwest as first time adaptive climbers join us to shatter convention and defy the norms, by climbing along side hundreds of other climbers in the community at Threshold.” – Dom Pascariello, Paradox Sports National Program Manager
About Threshold Climbing Gym:
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