Give back to your climbing community! Both longtime and new volunteers join Paradox Sports and Adaptive Adventures on each club night to help spread their love of climbing and connect with a welcoming community. Club volunteers, under the supervision of club coordinators, help welcome participants to the world of climbing by belaying, coaching, connecting as friends and generally helping to welcome adaptive athletes to the climbing community! As a BACC or GACC Volunteer, your role is to provide an enjoyable climbing experience for the participants. On a typical Club night, volunteers will be paired up with a participant or group of volunteers/participants to climb with. 

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Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Training
All BACC and GACC Volunteers are required to attend a Volunteer Training before acting as a volunteer at club. There will be at least one training held each quarter throughout the year. Volunteers only need to attend one training before being permitted to volunteer. This requirement helps Paradox Sports and Adaptive Adventures ensure a consistent and high quality experience for everyone at climbing club.

Volunteers are asked to attend at least 2 Club nights per quarter. Each quarter, volunteers will be able to sign up in advance for each night they plan to attend. This requirement ensures that an appropriate number of volunteers are present for each club meeting.

Belay Certification
Volunteers must be checked off by the host gym and by an Adaptive Adventures or Paradox Sports staff member. The check-off process is a part of the volunteer training.

All volunteers must complete waivers for the host facility, Adaptive Adventures, and Paradox Sports.

Climbing Club Schedule:

  • The Golden Adaptive Climbing Club meets at Earth Treks on the first and third Mondays of each month from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM
  • The Boulder Adaptive Climbing Club meets at Boulder Rock Club on the second Monday of each month from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM

*Discounted day passes (BRC $8, ET $15) apply and will be paid directly to the climbing gyms for each Club night. If you are only planning to belay, you can enter the gym for free.


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Register for the next Volunteer Training: July 23


Facebook Group: We have made an Adaptive Climbing Club specific Facebook page to help club members plan social events, rideshares, and keep in touch! 



2829 Mapleton Avenue

Boulder, CO 80301

Ph: 303-447-2804



700 Golden Ridge Road
Golden, CO 80401



Contact information:

From now on please send all club-related emails to [email protected]. Both Paradox Sports and Adaptive Adventures have access to this email address.